Azalea Initiative FAQ

What is the Azalea Initiative?
Azalea Initiative is a women’s leadership programme designed to empower young women to be change-makers within their communities. This programme is a project under Akar Umbi Society, a sister organisation to Suka Society.

Who can participate in this programme?
We are looking for women between the ages of 18 and 35 years who are interested in developing their leadership skills and making a difference in their communities.

Why should I participate in this programme?
This programme provides you with the space to discover yourself, your aspirations and the values that you bring to your community. Find your sense of significance as a woman, develop your confidence with the support of another, and learn key leadership lessons. Through the comfort and safety of a space to talk about real challenges, you can bring back new experiences that will encourage and benefit your communities. If you have always wondered how you can make a difference, the Azalea Initiative is a good place for you to start exploring the possibilities.

What will I learn from this programme?
In this programme, you will learn to:

  • Build a sense of identity and grow your confidence.
  • Tap into your personal strengths and develop your capabilities to mobilise your community into action.
  • Create impact through actions and initiatives that matter.

How long is the programme?
In total, the programme will take up to 7 months to be completed. The breakdown of the months is below.

May to July
Learn to be a changemaker
  • Attend 5 weekends of training workshops 
  • Attend online coaching sessions with your mentor
  • Complete 2 milestone projects. Milestone projects are assignments given to you after completing training Modules 1 & 2.
August to November
Create impact through actions
  • Plan, propose and develop an impact project (Individual or group)
  • Attend project development coaching sessions with your mentor
  • Implement an impact project

    What is an Impact Project?
    An impact project is a project that is designed to address an issue, resolve a need, or create advocacy for a need. The goal is to create an impact. The workshop is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills to help you plan, design and implement a project. This will give you an opportunity to gain experience and build your confidence in running other initiatives on your own or together with like-minded people around you. Akar Umbi will provide you with the resources, funds and support that you need during the 3 months of the project implementation*.
    *Funds allocation of up to RM1000 per person.

    Am I required to attend the training every day?
    No. You are only required to attend 10 days of workshops which will be held throughout the 7-month period (a training schedule will be provided to participants who have successfully signed up). You are also expected to complete the project assignments during the training period. We estimate that you only need to spend 4 hours a week during the non-training days to work on the projects.

    I am not very proficient in English, can I still participate?
    This programme will be conducted in English. A basic level of English comprehension is needed.

    Where will the workshops be conducted?
    The workshops will be conducted at Akar Umbi House, Petaling Jaya. Our space is accessible via LRT station.

    Will transportation be provided?
    Although we will not be providing participants with transportation, you will however be given transportation allowances.

    What will be done to minimize the risk of Covid-19?
    All participants are required to be vaccinated. Everyone involved in the programme will be required to take a Covid-19 home test kit prior to attending any physical meeting. The cost of the test kits will be covered by Akar Umbi Society. 

    We are exploring the possibility of the participants staying overnight at Akar Umbi House for 2 days and 1 night to run the sessions. This can help reduce movement and the need to travel back and forth daily. Akar Umbi House is equipped with dorm rooms for comfortable lodging. Further information will be discussed with the confirmed participants.       

    How much will it cost me to enrol in this programme?
    This programme is Free. There is no enrollment fee. Transportation, food, materials, internet and covid test kits will be provided by Akar Umbi Society.

    Who should I reach out to if I have more questions?
    You can reach out to Chen at

    Application for Cohort 2 is now open!