What Does Akar Umbi Do?

Nov 11, 2021 | Watch | 0 comments

Marginalised grassroots communities lack the opportunities to develop themselves and live up to their full potential. Young people who are denied access to resources, tools and opportunities for self-development often result in them being unable to pursue their aspirations. Akar Umbi has two projects in the pipeline.

The Azalea Initiative and UpSkill. Azalea Initiative is a self-development leadership programme for young refugee women. Participants learn to plan, lead, and implement an initiative from start to finish. Good, wholesome leadership principles and experiences can positively empower them to influence others in their communities.

UpSkill is a 3-month skills development course that trains young adults from grassroots communities in trade skills, soft skills, and other transferable skills to equip them for employment. Course graduates are matched with reliable employers who can offer them jobs.